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Lonely Planet’s Guide to Georgian Wine

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

According to the Georgian National Tourism Administration, with the support of the agency, one of the largest and influential travel guide book publishers "Lonely Planet" devoted a significant part of its tourist guide to Georgian wine.

"The guide "Wine Trails: Europe" together with Spanish, Portuguese and other countries wines, tells in detail about Georgian wine. Prior to the preparation of the guide, Lonely Planet journalist Benjamin Kemper traveled to the Kakheti region of Georgia as part of a press tour of the National Tourism Administration and published the information collected in the Lonely Planet guide. At the same time, the journalist is preparing several articles about Georgia for various high-ranking international publications", - reads the National Tourism Administration's statement.

According to the agency, the Lonely Planet guide tells the readers about the 8-thousand-year-old tradition of Georgian wine, the rules of winemaking, the Kvevris and the Kakhetian wineries. In addition, the guide contains detailed information about the cellars and food outlets located in the Kakheti region.

The Lonely Planet’s guide “Wine Trails: Europe” can be ordered from the following link.

Photo Credit: Lonely Planet


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