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Blue Tablecloths: Tradition That Had To Be Restored

It’s truly a miracle how a small country from the Caucasus like Georgia can unite the colors of the whole universe.


Mother nature has given this nation diverse color shades abundantly, and they didn’t take this blessing as granted. Inhabitants took the colors in their hands and locked them up in various crafted pieces like Genies in bottles.


Traditional Georgian cotton tablecloth painted in different hues of blue, known as “Lurji Supra,” or blue tablecloth, is one of those pieces.


A Tablecloth is Worth a Thousand Words

The creation technique of Georgian blue cotton tablecloths is recognized as UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage. Hence, our decision to partner up with Tbilisi State Academy of Arts to revive this method.


Ancient cloth production started at the end of the 17th century and was most common in eastern parts of Georgia. Traditional Georgian blue tablecloths painted in diverse shades of blue were recurrent in households here. Patterns often reflected the dining table, knife, fork, and spoon motifs. They also depicted various birds and animals.


To preserve a pattern and prepare the textiles for cold dyeing, artisans of this technique mix wax with fat and apply it to the cloth using a woodblock.


Sadly, over the years, linen has been forgotten.


However, happily, in 2010, a research laboratory Lurji Supra was initiated by the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and led by the Academy’s design professors, Tinatin Kldiashvili and Ketevan Kavtaradze. The efforts of these incredible women paved the path for generations to rescue the tradition of blue tablecloths.


The Supra  by TSV: New Life to an Old Tradition

We at TSV Estate are proud to launch vintage tablecloths as our new product and tell another story from Georgia’s past to the world.


We utilize the tradition of artistic fabric processing, and ancient Georgia’s archaeological artifacts inspire the design of our products.


The technology of dyeing the blue tablecloths is a unique Georgian method that allows people from around the world to time travel through centuries and get to know Georgian culture.


Our goal while crafting these blue tablecloths was to tell stories about Georgian history through sublime, tasteful designs which can decorate anyone's home.


As popularizing Georgian culture is a very delicate mission, we tried our best to create intelligent outlines that best describe our spirit. We achieved it by incorporating imaginative yet elegant ornaments in each tablecloth’s pattern.


The outcome was exquisite and even poetic. In a poem, harmony is created by the rhymes of words, and in our tablecloths - by the symmetry of ornaments.


Paired with our finest Georgian wine, these sophisticated tablecloths can tell the classical and, at the same time, an extraordinary story of Georgian folklore. All of this is thanks to the assistance of Lurji Supra Scientific Research Laboratory and the initiative of our founder - Tika Svanidze Vancko.


We are thrilled to popularize Georgian heritage worldwide and help people of any nation take a deep dive into our history before even visiting our

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