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The Story of How Georgian Textile Came to Life on Wine Bottle Labels

If you want to visit Georgia without actually doing it, new TSV wines with ancient textile labels can help!

Taste the Georgian spirit with the help of our wines and time-travel by looking at their labels inspired by centuries-old Georgian textile.

Historical Significance of Georgian Textile

Many aspects of culture create the national identity of the country. Georgia is no exception in this regard - local folklore distinguishes us the most, from spectacular dances and polyphonic music to literature and architecture.

Georgian fabric is an integral part of this unique folklore, the tradition of which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Over the centuries, Georgian fabric has become a reflection and image of our country. It expressed the diversity of Georgia and seemed to imitate the beauty of the landscapes of our homeland - flowers and other plants were used to dye fabrics here. As a result, their colors shifted from bars and mountains to textile and gave rise to the tradition of beautiful clothing.

"TSV" Wine and Georgian Textile Made Friends

We decided to get involved in the joint project of "TBC" Bank and the Art Palace called "Georgian Textile." We believe that Georgian fabric patterns will look fantastic on the "TSV" wine bottles and lep to demonstrate the national spirit better.

"Promoting Georgia's unique culture and history is extremely important for my brand and me. I was delighted to join this important endeavor of the Art Palace and, through my company's new wines, join the initiative of reintroducing the unique and ancient Georgian textile to the world. Labels of our new classic technology wines are inspired by the ornaments of unique Georgian historical textile".

Tika Svanidze-Vantsko, founder of "TSV Holding"

We aim to enable people who want to share Georgian culture to travel to our country through two senses - taste and sight. The first is possible by tasting TSV wine, and the second - is by seeing the fabrics depicted on its label.

We believe that Georgian wine and fabric are an integral part of the country's culture. Their combination is even more distinctive and memorable.

The textiles on the labels of our wine bottles are inspired by the clothes of Georgians depicted on ancient frescoes. This article will tell you about them:

Rose Montepulciano

The clothes of Beka Jakeli's son depicted on a 14th-century fresco attract attention with intense scarlet and pink shades. The state's multiculturalism at the crossroads of East and West was also reflected in the fabric. So it's not a surprise that these patterns and colors graced the label of our Rose Montepulciano.

Dry Rose Wine Rose’ Montepulciano is made from Montepulciano, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties cultivated in the Napareuli Microzone, Kakheti, Georgia. Wine is made with classic technology. Dry, elegant, light pink Rose' is characterized by delicate aromas of strawberry and raspberry, hints of roses, fresh acidity, and harmonious lingering finish.


The fresco of the ktetor Shalva Kirkishlian in the Upper Church of the Savior in Lagham dates back to the 14th century. It should be mentioned that it also conveys what the Georgian national clothes of that time looked like in addition to the Georgian fabric.

This garment may be made of locally made material, "tivitiki" (soft and expensive fabric).

White dry wine Napareuli is made from Rkatsiteli (90%) and Mtsvane grape varieties, grown in specific viticulture area of Napareuli Micro-zone, Kakheti (East part of Georgia). Wine is distinguished by light golden color, with delicate aromas of tropical fruits, pears, and melon, followed by balanced acidity and medium finish. Serve it cooled at 10°C-12°C.

Project "Textile from Georgia"

The collaboration of TBC and the Art Palace led to a truly large-scale project. This initiative aims to popularize Georgian fabric throughout the country, which, we think, is going well.

It all started in 2018 while general cleaning of the TBC office when the marketing team members discovered a book called "Textile from Georgia," which is a complete edition prepared by the Art Palace. The book tells the history and evolution of Georgian fabric- its introduction describes the process of studying the material. Then, the researchers transferred the ornaments and embroidery of the ktetor's clothes depicted on the Georgian frescoes to the fabrics. They thus managed to more or less restore the historical picture.

The above has made participating in this initiative attractive - we think it is a kind of time travel. Creating a new spirit for Georgian fabric was a great idea. It reminded us of our past and national identity.

For Georgian fabric not to lose its relevance, it should be available to everyone, not like the exhibits in the museums, regardless of which country the representative wishes to do so. We believe that representing Georgian fabric on TSV wine bottles is a big step towards this goal as Georgian wine unites those born in our country and abroad - hosts and guests.

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