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Invest in Georgia

Benefits of investing in Georgia

There have been several positive developments that point towards a favorable economic climate in Georgia. According to the Heritage Foundation and its Index of Economic Freedom, Georgia ranks 16thout of 178 countries, marking an 83-spot jump from 10 years prior. This list takes a lot of data into account when coming up with its rankings. It mainly focuses on how the economy of a country is affected by the rule of law, government size, regulatory efficiency, and the open market.

As per the World Bank’s list of ranking countries on the basis of the ease of doing business, Georgia takes 6thplace among 190 countries. In 2005, it stood at number 112, which serves as a testament to how far the country has come. In addition to this, Transparency International’s latest Global Corruption Barometer from 2013 put Georgia at just 5%.

It should also be stated that Georgia has a rather high unemployment rate of 12.6% and a rather low median income, especially compared to most other European countries. In addition to this, Georgia’s external debtis on a constant rise.

Best business investment opportunities in Georgia

For a long time, Georgia’s primary economic sectors were agriculture and tourism. In the present day, the economy is moving more towards the service industry and away from agriculture. By showcasing its impressive progress in recent decades and establishing itself as politically stable and corruption-free, Georgia has solidified as a smart investment destination with low business costs. In addition to this, processes like moving have been made easy. All you have to do is to hire Verified Movers.


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